Protect with FORMAT 

Format USA is a premier security and loss prevention company in North America offering a broad array of innovative safe products designed specifically to protect your firearms, priceless belongings, and vital business records.

Backed by solid German engineering and craftsmanship, 30+ years of experience, and a warranty as solid as the safes themselves, you can rest easy knowing your valuables are safe and secure in a Format safe. Rest assured our quality-driven team is committed to establishing a long-term business relationship by providing you with solid security solutions based on your specific needs.

Format carries a wide selection of security solutions for personal or commercial use. Explore our selection of gun safes, burglary safes, and home safes, all specifically created to protect and secure your personal and/or business belongings.

Our mission is to provide you with peace of mind through meaningful security.

What do you want to protect?

Jewelry and Money

TL-15(L) Series

A burglary safe is the solution

Guarantee your peace of mind when storing your valuables with a maximum security, UL Listed TL-15 burglary safe.


EL / DL / HG/ GL Series

A gun safe is the solution

Prevent potential disaster and protect your family by securing your firearms in a UL Listed Residential Security Container (RSC).


HS Series

A home safe is the solution

Store your vital documents, business records, and priceless photographs in a fireproof home safe.

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