We are FORMAT USA, a premiere safe manufacturing company.  Our focus is on loss prevention in order to provide you with peace of mind. With over 25 years of experience and backed by solid German engineering, you can rest easy knowing your valuables are secured.

FORMAT provides exceptional products at remarkable pricing to protect against burglary, provide safety for documents and valuables, and securely store and lock up firearms.

Our mission is to provide you with peace of mind through meaningful security.

Industry leading features such as 12 gauge (ga) steel construction,  1-year warranty on parts, and lifetime warranty (due to fire or attempted break in) are offered on a wide array of safe models showing our commitment to outstanding manufacturing, support and service.

You can rest assured our quality-driven team is committed to establishing a long-term business relationship by providing you with security solutions based on your specific needs.

FORMAT carries a wide selection of security solutions for personal and commercial use. Explore our selections of gun safes, burglary safes, and home safes created to protect and secure your personal and/or business belongings.



FORMAT construction uses several gauges of steel depending on the model.

We have our own testing facility for paper and data cabinets – an absolute rarity in the safe sector. Testing is conducted in accordance with EN Standard 1047-1, i.e.

During the testing procedures, safes are exposed to over 1000 °C   and then must withstand a fall of 9.15 metres. These in-house facilities give our engineering team the support needed to produce world-class products.


As experienced specialists in security technology, we develop and create state of the art solutions for individual and business needs. There are no compromises when it comes to quality and security.

We offer solutions for your specific needs that are practical and economical.

Using the latest CAD-technology and 3D-graphics in the design and development processes, all prototypes are extensively tested at our in-house laboratory. Our qualified team meets all relevant national approvals and qualifications as well as certifications from our international exporting countries to offer you confidence in the products you purchase.

Through clever design, solid manufacturing, rigorous testing and compliant certification, when summed up, at the end of the day you have peace of mind through meaningful security.

Dealership territories available. We offer retail and drop-shipping options.


FORMAT is growing quickly in the USA with exciting advantages for dealers.  You are invited to join our team of qualified dealers so you can offer your customers ideal safety solutions for their valuable items.

If you are a dealer, consider carrying a FORMAT safe in order to provide top-quality for your customers. Read more about dealership opportunities available here.

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